INS: Forest fund surface cut by 0.2 pc in 2008

Romania’s forest fund totaling 6.469 million hectares registered a drop by around 0.2 percent, namely 14,720 ha, on December 31, 2008, compared to the same period in 2007, say the National Statistics Institute (INS) data made public on Friday.
The cut was mainly caused by the fact that according to the Law No. 46/2008 on the Forestry Code, it were registered only the forested upland pastures whose surface effectively covered by forest vegetation was higher or equal to 0.4, unlike the previous year when all such land was included.

As much as 16.705 cubic meters of timber was cut in compliance with the legal regulations in 2008, by 3.1 percent less than in 2007 when 17.238 million cu.m were cut, INS data say.
At the same time, as much as 11,244 ha were afforested in 2008, by 4.9 percent more than in
Likewise, 12.943 million cu.m timber, 53 tons forest seeds, 3 1.265 million ornamental seedlings, 591 tons basketry and 4,587 tons wild berries were sold, in 2008.
Romania’s forest areas are spread as follows: 19.4 percent in the center, 18.2 percent in North- East, 15.8 percent in West, 15.1 percent in North West, 12.4 percent in South West, in Oltenia, 10.2 percent in Wallachia (south), 8,5 percent in South East and 0.4 percent in Bucharest and its neighboring county Ilfov.

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