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INSOMAR: Majority of Romanians in rural zones produce their household food

More than 75 percent of the Romanians living in the rural zones produce their staple food in own households, even under conditions in which more than 55 percent of the population in rural zones say they spend more for getting the respective agricultural production than its value, reveals an INSOMAR opinion poll remitted on Thursday.
As such, 76 percent of the polled persons in the rural environment say it is more convenient to produce food in own household than to buy them in stores, whereas in the urban areas opinions are on a par: 50 percent say it is more convenient to produce food in own households and 50 percent – to buy them from the store.
The opinion poll respondents affirmed – in a proportion of 56 percent in rural areas and 38 percent in urban zones – that in 2008 the spending for farming or animal growing exceeded the value of products.

As well, a large part of rural population do not wish to sell the agricultural land, nor even in the likelihood of getting a good price.
As such, 71 percent of the respondents in rural areas and 59 percent in urban areas said they did not want to sell the agricultural land they hold, even though a buyer would show interest in.
On the other hand, those in the rural areas manifest in a significantly higher proportion the worry they might lose their jobs, estimating it would be hard to find another one. 43.1 percent of the respondents in rural areas said the are very or pretty worried they might lose their work place compared to 35.4 in the urban areas.
As well, 82.6 percent of those in rural areas think the finding of another job would be very difficult, in case of losing the current one, whereas in the urban areas this worry was expressed by 70.6 percent of the respondents.
INSOMAR opinion poll called „Life in rural areas in Romania two years since EU accession” was conducted over March 26 – April 5, in 74 urban and 78 rural localities, nationwide. The sample volume was 2,430 people, representative for Romania’s population aged 18+, and the error margin is of plus/minus 2 percent.

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