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Judges do not hold absolute truths, President Basescu says

The judges, they do not hold the ultimate truth. The Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) is independent from the other state powers, but not from the law, Romanian President Traian Basescu underlined on Friday at the 100th anniversary of the CSM and the 7th edition of the General Assembly of the European Network of Councils for the Judiciary (ENCJ), taking place in Bucharest.
‘A judge is not the holder of the absolute truth. He should only follow the law and not create it. He should apply in a correct manner and without taking sides the law as it is. Even if sometimes the law appears unfair, he/she will have to follow it, with the law to probably be amended afterwards, but not by him,’ the head of state said.

The CSM is the guarantor of the independent justice system in Romania, one of the constitutional principles related to the functioning of justice, and guarantees the independence from the other powers of the state, but not from the law, Traian Basescu said.
He also underlined the Justice represents the hope for justice of every citizen. ‘Justice is a public service and it needs to stay so,’ the President said.
According to him, the 100th anniversary of the CSM shows the long tradition of the judicial system in Romania, which is one of the first European countries having set up this kind of institution.
Although, for a long time, CSM stayed dissolved, the institution managed in the 18 years since it resumed activity to consolidate its position, Base scu said.

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