Mircea Geoana: Crisis also has good side

Present in Slobozia (south), where the Senate’s Committee on agriculture, forestry and rural development held a meeting on Thursday, May 28, Mircea Geoana, President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in the ruling coalition) and Senate’s Chairman, stated in a press conference that this kind of meetings in the territory, of the committee members, is a first in Romania and it exceeds the barriers of political infighting.
„This subject is beyond politics, political parties, electoral cycles. It is a subject related to investing and transforming Romanian into a net exporter of agri-industrial products, so we can change the Romanian village into an agreeable place, where one can work in decent conditions, where we can enhance its tourism attractiveness and I think this is one of the main big projects for modern Romania”, underlined Mircea Geoana.
Senate’s Chairman thinks that, in a way, the crisis Romania and all mankind are confronted with has also a good side, „in the sense it shakes us so much that it brings us back with the feet back to earth”.
„We discover among the comparative, and not competitive, advantages Romania benefit of are our land, our geography and what God gave this country, which represent the main element when compared to other nations.
If Romania has an opportunity to leave this crisis behind shortly and relatively consolidated, the first obligation we have is to invest in agriculture, in the development of the Romanian village and of small and medium-sized towns which to a great extent depend, on their turn, on agriculture and agribusiness.
Our calculation shows that the investment into the Romanian village development, beyond agriculture, if we use European money and will invest in a more strategic way, not just from time to time and seasonally, could create one million and a half new jobs in the coming 5-7 years”, said Geoana.
Mircea Geoana also said that expediency in agriculture has no longer a place and that the future European MPs, irrespective of political color, will have to struggle so that a common agricultural policy will further exist in the future European budget.
Senate’s Chairman also said it is a „strategic issue” and even a question of „national survival” the way Romania will succeed to overcome the current crisis in which there will be winners and losers.
Mircea Geoana has accompanied to Slobozia, the campaign team of the candidate in the Euro elections Stefan Musoiu.

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