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Norica Nicolai: EU needs reconstruction too

Vice-chairperson of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Norica Nicolai, candidate No 1 on the list for the elections for the European Parliament (EP), said on Friday, in Calarasi (south-east of Bucharest), that is was necessary to think again of the European construction.
What Norica Nicolai said is based both on the results of a report assessing the contribution of the various countries to the global economy, but also on the current failures in preserving and implementing a European policy.

„That report reads that, in 2050, China and the US will back 25 percent of the global economy and the European Union will decrease to 12 percent,” says Nicolai.
The Liberal vice-chairperson thinks that, for the Liberals, this mandate is a very important challenge, a mandate during which a decision on a new European construction will have to be made.
„The Constitution was unfortunately rejected, the Lisbon Treaty was turned down, there are very many people striking an attitude against the idea of a European president, of a uniform foreign policy. The International Monetary Fund failed, the World Trade Organization is blocked, the UN is no longer so decisive and significant in the international discourse and, as such, one will have to think of the European construction again.
Therefore, the EU needs a reconstruction, it needs to be thought of again, like all the others,” concluded Norica Nicolai.

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  1. Barry spune

    The eu certainly needs to rethink its stance, firstly it should accept that the constitution/lisbon treaty has been democratically rejected. It needs to realise that handing all the power to an unelected commissariat of failed politicians is not good for anyone. The eastern countries may like the idea of other countries subsidising their economies, because they are used to the USSR doing just that, but the countries where taxpayers are having to pay out more, are getting fed up with it. Th eu certainly needs deconstruction, not construction, so that it returns to what it was set up to be, a trading area, not a political one, and then every country will have a level playing field without uneeded lowest common denominator one size fits all, fits no one legislation being imposed by foreigners.

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