President Basescu: Justice reform cannot be implemented only through pressure from abroad

Judiciary system reform cannot be achieved only through pressure exerted from abroad and success of such a process depends on the real co-participation of those part in the system, stated on Friday President Traian Basescu, present in the celebration event of 100 years since the setting up of the Upper Magistrates’ Council (CSM).
„I do not think a real reform of the judiciary system can be achieved only as a result of exterior pressures. Any reform process success depends on the degree reform is understood and wished for by the population.
Irrespective of the good intentions of the exterior factors, in the absence of a real and effective co-participation of those called to implement these measures one cannot achieve the desired result”, maintained Basescu.
According to the head of state, the Mechanism of cooperation and verification of the European Commission revealed delays and shortcomings of the justice system in Romania.
„We are in a process of reforming the legislation in order to adapt it to the new social reality. Justice must be in line with social development. I hope that the adoption of the new legal codes (…) will lead to this desideratum”, underlined Basescu.

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