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Romania-invented smart material for sandwich panel revolutionizes construction technology

Vasile Moga, lecturer at the Airplanes Faculty of the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute, kicked off in the city of Buzau (north-east of Bucharest) a project for the production at industrial scale of ‘matezit’, an ecological construction material, to be produced in cooperation with the ROMET group.
The idea occurred to the inventor while studying a beehive, but also following a mishap that hit him while he was working at the thesis for his doctor’s degree.
„To complete the work I needed a composite panel with honeycomb core used for the building of aircraft, and which is only produced abroad, but all the requests – for cost – I sent several UK companies and research institutes received a polite refusal – I was coming from a country of the former Warsaw Pact,” said Moga.
Therefore, the researcher embarked on producing on his own a composite panel with a honeycomb core and the end result was an invention capable of revolutionizing the construction technology.

„The principles are just the same as those governing the structure of a beehive” the inventor explained for Agerpres. The honeycomb is built so as to keep wax consumption at a minimum and confer the necessary resistance for it to be filled with as much honey as possible, Moga said.
The honeycomb technique budded into a glass-fibre reinforced polymer composite material incorporating carbon, bor and Kevlar (a light, strong para-aramid synthetic fiber) but also ecological components, such as paper.
„This is the only eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene and polyurethane panels, which are still broadly used in Romania, although they have been prohibited since 2007,’ said the inventor.
Vasile Moga said that such a panel preserves 70 percent more heat than a brick wall, is not toxic and has a noise sealing and mold-protective effect. And what counts most – it is also much cheaper.
Together with Romet Group, the inventor started the construction of a kindergarten that will use this material and also plans to mount an envelope of the same product on one of the 36 blocks of flats in Buzau subject to the government’s energy-efficiency promotion program. „Matezite is the material of the future, eco-friendly, durable and cheap,” concluded the inventor.

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