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Traian Basescu: Big hug of city of Alba Carolina, hug of one’s own history

President Traian Basescu, who on Friday, in Alba Iulia (central Romania), attended the „Big Hug of the City of Alba Carolina,” the „world’s largest hug,” said that he could not, as a Head of State, refuse such an invitation, the more so as he was extraordinarily pleased to take part in this symbolical gesture.
„For me it is first the value of the hug given to history,” said the Head of State before breaking the record held by Mexico since 2005. „It seemed to me that the gesture was a hug given to one’s own history. This is why I am here, not for the Guinness Book record,” said the President.

Traian Basescu also said that „the gesture may also get symbolical values not only for the Romanians living in Alba Iulia but also for the whole country as there are a few hundred thousand of Romanians hugging their history.”
President Base scu enumerated a few of the events that were held in Alba Iulia in the course of history, starting with the building of the first Roman fortress in 106, with the setting up here of the Roman Catholic Bishopric, with Michael the Brave entering the City on November 1, 1599, with the Great Assembly on December 1, 1918, and with the coronation of King Ferdinand as sovereign of Greater Romania in 1922.
„These are extremely important things for our history,” said Basescu.

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