Agency restructuring on PM Boc’s agenda

Prime Minister Emil Boc is meeting today at the Victoria Government Palace Minister of Regional Development and Housing Vasile Blaga, Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Commerce and Business Environment Constantin Nita and Public Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea as well as a representative of the Environment Ministry to discuss the restructuring of government agencies, the Government’s Press Office reports in a press release.

The Government on Wednesday tackled the reform of its agencies, agreeing to disband some of them, switch authority over others, amalgamate some, and those that continue to operate should perform either staff or pay cuts.

Boc announced he will be meeting late this week each minister to discuss the restructuring of the agencies, so that a normative act may be drawn up on August 14.

Boc assured that the Government will take all the required measures for things to be brought back under control and the pay to be decent and reflecting the job done.

At a show on the public radio station on Thursday, President Traian Basescu also insisted on the need for the public employment posts to be cut in an attempt to avoid the draining out of Government resources.

The President said that one in five public employees are useless and they have to leave the public system, which he said is much oversized, insisting that pay cut is not the measure under the current economic conditions of the country.

The President also said that he appreciate Emil Boc for his attempts to solve the problem thorough negotiations within the ruling coalition, but he believes overall cut measures should be taken and applied immediately and any correction, such as a smaller or larger downsizing of the public administration, should be applied afterwards.

Basescu said Romania will not be able to meet the parameters established under its stand-by arrangement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the second half of the year, because the economic decline now projected is 4 percent, larger than initially anticipated.

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