Country homes, business worth over 1 bln euros a year

Homes built in rural area and peri-urban area, a market that draws annual investments worth 1-1.5 billion euros have generated high revenues in H1 of the year for producers and distributors of constructions materials, despite the 30-percent shrinkage of the constructions market per total, say managers in the field cited by daily Ziarul Financiar.

The money brought by Romanians who work abroad and Romanians’ tendency to move outside cities were the main factors that contributed to the development of dwellings in the rural environment, say managers of construction companies.

The market of dwellings from the peri-urban and rural areas will continue to develop, given the sustainable enlargement, depending on the funds of the people interested in building a home. Bucharest’s population will continue to grow and considering in the centre of the city there’s no more room for development, Romanians will go to the outskirts,’ said architect Cristi Cocioba, CEO of Bank of Information in Constructions, Architecture and Urbanism (BICAU) cited by the daily.

Constructions market might decrease this year by some 10-11 billion euros, 30-40% down as against 14.3 billion euros one year ago, however the level of investments in homes on own funds will not be hit, say managers.

‘Constructions market is expected to grow again within two-three years, the commercial and industrial being sectors most-hit at present because some halted projects, said Madalina Dumitru, marketing manager of producer of metallic structures Ruukki Romania.


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