INS: Romania’s hunting grounds at plus 21.8 million hectares in 2008

At the end of 2008, Romania’s hunting grounds totaled 21.878 million hectares, accounting for about 92 percent of the total land surface, shows data published on Friday by the National Statistics Institute (INS).

Hunting organizations manage nearly 70 percent of Romania’s total hunting grounds, specifically 15.288 million hectares; the National Forestry Administration (Romsilva) manages 28 percent of the total (6.129 million hectares); public institutions specializing in scientific research on hunting – 0.9 percent (186,000 hectares), and education institutions studying game and hunting manage 1.2 percent of the total hunting grounds, specifically 274,700 hectares.

According to the INS, the largest hunting area lies in the North-East region: 15.3 percent; the North-West region has 14.8 percent of the grounds; the Center region – 14.5 percent; the South East region – 14.3 percent; South-Muntenia – 14.2 percent; the West region – 13.9 percent; the South-West Oltenia region – 12.3 percent and the Bucharest-Ilfov region – 0.7 percent.

The managers of hunting grounds proceed to the annual assessment of the main species of wild animals fit for hunting, on each ground, according the technical instructions worked out by the competent authorities.

To maintain the ecological balance, improve game quality, preserve biodiversity and help perpetuate protected species, hunting grounds managers organize hunting parties for species for which the season is open; the game is harvested according to quotas approved by the authorities.

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