MAE has no information about Romanian allegedley condemned to death in China

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) has no information confirming „press allegations” about a Romanian being condemned to death in the People’s Republic of China for traffic with drugs, stated on Friday, in a press conference, Minister Cristian Diaconescu.

„Romania’s Embassy to Beijing has reported today, July 31, 2009 that, following verifications made by the Chinese authorities the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China has no knowledge about a Negrea case, or another Romanian citizen case eventually condemned to the capital punishment”, said Cristian Diaconescu.

He noted that neither the province’s court of justice, where Andrei Negrea would have been sentenced, has such knowledge, nor a trial against a Romanian citizen for drug trafficking is on the roll.

„In conclusion I can tell you that, currently, we have no information from authorized sources which would confirm the press allegations”, stated the Minister, giving assurances that the investigation will continue.

Head of the Romanian diplomacy voiced discontent that „the press has already established that MAE failed to fulfill its duty” in this case.

Diaconescu explained that, according to press reports, MAE took action and, on July 6, Romania’s Embassy in Beijing informed the ministry that, based on information delivered by the Ministry of Public Security and the Supreme People Prosecution Office of the People’s Republic of China, no Romanian citizen was detained for drug trafficking and the press allegations are not confirmed.

Chief of Romanian diplomacy pointed out that MAE continued the investigation by contacting the family of the said person. „His father confirmed he spoke on the phone with his son on July 14, when this one told him he had sent money for his child”, detailed Cristian Diaconescu.

Adevarul daily reported that Romanian Andrei Negrea, aged 23, was allegedly arrested in China for drug trafficking and that, after being sentenced to death, the execution was carried out last week. According to the press, he was part of an international crime ring, busted at last year-end.


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