Pheasants and hares, most hunted species in 2008

The hare, the pheasant and the fox were the main game species collected in 2008 from the hunting grounds of Romania, according to data with the National Statistics Institute (INS).

Thus, out of 1.084 million hares, 103,642 were hunted in 2008. As for the pheasants and the foxes, estimated at 344,948 and 53,922, respectively, 49,577 pheasants and 21,286 foxes were collected.

Data with the INS also reveal that the number of bears hunted in 2008 under special permits stood at 189, out of a total estimated at 6,795.

Also going in the crosshairs of hunters in 2008 were 13,787 boars; 12,647 partridges; 7,457 bucks; 555 fallow deer; 211 grouses; 155 black goats; 162 wolves; 1,061 jackals and 70 wild cats.

After the hunt is collected, specialists assess the trophies won and transfer them into points that qualify for medals.

INS mentions that most of the medal-winning trophies of 2008 were for the deer (150 gold, 185 silver and 238 bronze); the boar (97 gold, 105 silver, 161 bronze); the bear (137 gold, 11 silver, 18 bronze) and the black goat (25 gold, 32 silver, 35 bronze).

Managers of hunting grounds conduct annual assessments of the main wild animal species of hunting interest existing for each hunting ground.

In order to preserve an ecological balance, improving game quality, preserve biodiversity and perpetuate protected species, managers of gaming stocks organise hunting parties for species admitted for hunting when the catches are collected in accordance with the quotas approved by authorities.

Romania’s hunting grounds totalled 2 1.878 million hectares as of end-2008, making up nearly 92 percent of the total land stock.


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