Pogonaru (AOAR): Investors urge Premier to eliminate red tape in administration

Foreign investors in Romania and business people associations urged the Prime Minister Emil Boc in a two-hour meeting held on Friday, at the Government, to take measures aimed at the elimination of the red tape in administration.

President of the Association of Romanian Business people (AOAR) Florin Pogonaru even made a joke about the naming of a „minister of simplification” of the administrative sector, where „parasitic” civil servants are maintained.

„There were various proposals, from the ones related to priority definition – because we have a problem linked to defining priorities and the administrative institutions’ and the Government’s responsibility, for instance to release data about how our money was spent, as one proposal sounded – till the elimination of red tape.

Participants discussed about a minister of simplification nomination.

Currently we are confronted with an excessive red tape, which blocks the companies’ activity with useless documents, specially created to keep on all sorts of parasitic civil servants”, stated Pogonaru at the end of the meeting.

In this context, the business people voiced discontent about the fact that the Govt. allocated funds for boosting business environment are stopped in various institutions subordinated to the Executive.

„We are looking forward to some action in the period to come, first of all to measures focused on making the administrative units responsible and accountable. Money must circulate inside the system.

It seems that the money are sent by the Govt. and stop somewhere on the road in some governmental institutions, in the local institutions, which fail to behave responsibly”, underlined Pogonaru.

Another discussed subject referred to the business people participation in the elaboration of a new Fiscal Code. „Business environment will take part in the writing of the new Fiscal Code, but beyond everything else we need stability and to define our priorities”, said Pogonaru.

AOAR President also referred to the need of a cut in the number of taxes, which lack viability. „There is a series of taxes which costs more to collect than the amount you get”, he said.

On the other hand, Pogonaru drew attention upon the economy decline on the backdrop of the economic crisis, from plus 8 percent to minus 8 percent, Pogonaru considering that the Executive should not engage the funds derived from foreign loans in order to save some companies from going bankrupt.

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