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President Basescu urging PSD to focus on Gov’t priorities

President Traian Basescu is once again calling on the leadership of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), in the ruling coalition, to focus on the priorities of the Government, Spokesman for the Presidency Valeriu Turcan informed in a press release issued on Thursday in response to criticisms levelled by PSD against the President.

‘The President believes that the national interest in the current economic situation requires the leadership of PSD to approach things more responsibly, in accordance with the needs of the country.

The President reaffirms that delays in passing reform legislation in the education system is tantamount to sacrificing the interest of students and teachers one more year,’ reads the release.

‘President Basescu is assuring the public opinion that he will not allow the tensions artificially generated by certain PSD groupings to damage Romania’s credibility,’ says the release.

The Social Democratic Party on Thursday said that President Basescu should first of all talk about cutting the spending of ministries headed by his protégées before talking about reducing jobs in the public sector.

The PSD statement came in response to a statement to the public radio station by President Basescu that a massive reduction of the state apparatus is needed and that he will still endorse the ruling coalition, of PSD and the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), although he does not like the coalition’s tergiversations.

‘Traian Basescu has given today an anti-crisis speech. But the only crisis he is trying to combat is the image crisis affecting him. As for the economic crisis, Traian Basescu has no solution, no competence and, what is more serious, no real concern.
The only concern of the head of state is with his own public image,’ PSD said in a news release.

In connection to the education reform, PSD claimed ‘Traian Basescu is playing a purely electoral game, selling illusions to parents and teachers, because he does not follow the reform of the education system, as he is after pitching one social category against another.’


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