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China to invest in energy field in Romania

The representatives of the People’s Republic of China showed interest in making investments in the energy field in Romania, according to a release of the Romanian Ministry of Economy.

Officials from the Romanian Ministry of Economy (ME) had a series of meetings last week with a delegation of the Commission for Economic and Financial Affairs with the National Assembly of the People’s Republic of China, headed by Vice-President Wen Shizhen.

According to the Secretary of State with the ME Tudor Serban, Romania is ready to represent for the Chinese economy like a open gate to the European market, through the Chinese investing in various fields in Romania, including in the energy field.

Moreover, the Secretary of State Constantin Claudiu Stafie added that the ME is currently seeking to identify such categories of industrial products to be exported to the Chinese market, so as to reduce the deficit in the trade balance.

The Vice-President of the Commission for Economic and Financial Affairs with the National Assembly of the People’s Republic of China Wen Shizhen also mentioned as another objective of his visit to Romania the documentation related to how laws are being made in Romania.

China is the most important commercial partner of Romania in the Asian area, occupying the 2nd position in exports and the first in imports. The total volume of the trade exchanges between Romania and China stood at 3.805 billion dollars on December 31, 2008, with exports standing at 270.17 million dollars and imports at 3.535 billion dollars.

Moreover, the Chinese investments in Romania have recorded an upward trend. There were registered 9,432 Chinese companies and Romanian-Chinese joint companies in Romania, with the total value of Chinese investments in Romania standing at 330 million dollars, China raking thus 17th among countries investing in Romania.


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