Geoana: Partnership for Romania does not include President Traian Basescu

The partnership for Romania has been concluded between the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L), both making up the ruling coalition, and it does not include President Traian Basescu, PSD chief Mircea Geoana said on Monday.

He added that the role of the President in the ruling coalition should not mean subjugating the Government to the electoral intentions of the President.

‘PSD is urging Prime Minister Emil Boc to take into account all the deeds of the President of Romania that are included among his governmental and constitutional duties,’ Geoana told the press after a meeting of the PSD Standing National Bureau.

Geoana also asked Boc to participate in the ruling coalition as the prime minister and national leader of the PD-L with ‘an own political will, and not as a mere intermediary of the political will of presidential candidate Traian Basescu.’


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