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„Romania -The Land of Choice” kick-starts on Eurosport and CNN, to continue throughout this year

Romania’s promotional campaign as a tourist destination, „Romania -The Land of Choice”, kick-started on Saturday, on Eurosport TV channel, the clip featuring the three top Romanian champions Nadia Comaneci, Ilie Nastase and Gheorghe Hagi, the Ministry of Tourism (MT) informs in a release.

The promotional clips within this campaign are to be broadcasted over August – December 2009 by CNN, as well.

According to the MT concluded contract, Eurosport will broadcast a number of 550 publicity clips and Eurosport 2 – 475 clips, a sponsorship campaign on Eurosport of 325 x 6-second billboard airings and a 9 million-banner campaign on Internet, all these services in exchange of an overall budget of one million euros.

At the same time, CNN is to broadcast 529 clips based on the association of Best Advertising&Consult – Opti Media SRL which offered these services for a 334,950 euros budget, without VAT.

With over 116 million viewers in 59 countries, Eurosport is the pan-European sports networks with the highest ratings.
According to MT, the first clip of the advertising campaign was broadcasted on Eurosport on August 1, at 21:30 Romania time.

Simultaneously, to mark the campaign debut, the clip was broadcasted on the biggest outdoor media board, Cocor Media Channel, in the center of Romania’s capital Bucharest, live from Eurosport.

The clip will continue to be shown on the media board throughout the following week. The clip will also be available on the Tourism Ministry’s website

According to MT, this campaign’s objectives are to give a boost to Romania’s international notoriety as a tourism destination, to enhance the international public interest toward Romania as a tourist destination and to encourage the growth in the number of foreign tourists in Romania.

Eurosport already cooperates with the travel industry authorities in countries as Greece, Spain, Morocco, India, Egypt, Brazil, Costa Rica. During the ongoing contract’s implementation Romania benefits of similarly good conditions as the ones applied to the other tourism national authorities, reveals Eurosport.

Olivier Fisch, commercial manager Global, Eurosport Group, stated recently that the media institution he heads is glad to announce this partnership with the Ministry of Tourism in Romania.

The very good cooperation relations of Eurosport Group with the other tourism authorities is a significant advantage in understanding Romania’s set goals, Fisch also said. He voiced satisfaction to be near Romania in its attempt to affirm and consolidate its position on Europe’s tourist map.

He pointed out that a strong promotional media plan was constructed, combining the audience, frequency and strategic moment for the broadcasted clips during top sports events, as the World Athletics Championship and the US Open.

We worked together with the Ministry of Tourism in Romania to be sure that this campaign benefits of the sports generated interest and that it attains a large audience which undoubtedly will positively interact with the campaign’s messages, Olivier Fisch also added.


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