In 3 years Romania will be included in classification of 10 carmakers in Europe

Romania will be included in the classification of the ten car- making countries in Europe by 2012, when they plan that Ford in Craiova (southern Romania) will produce 300,000 motorcars and Dacia, 400,000, according to the motor vehicle market analysts quoted by Ziarul Financiar daily.

„Romania has big chances to be included in the ten European car-making countries by 2012 if Ford produces as much as it has said,” said Ernest Popovici, president of the Association of Motorcar Producers and Importers.

According to the players on the market, the Dacia plant plans to produce 300,000 cars a year in the years to come, to which one will add the about 200-300 thousand cars produced by Ford in Craiova, a fact that would put on the market more than 600,000 motorcars that can be compared with the production of Turkey in 2008, which was the ninth, also reads the above-mentioned newspaper.

The local market might speed up the growth of production as many western companies direct their capacities again to the country of origin and Eastern Europe in order to cut costs.

„There are good chances for Romania to grow enough by 2012 so that it should be included in the first ten countries and even to leave being countries boasting a long tradition in the automotive industry,” said Marius Carp, motor vehicle analyst, who was quoted by Ziarul Financiar daily.

Last year Romania came 30th of 39 at world level among the motor vehicle producing countries, with 245,308 motor vehicles, up by 1.5 percent as against last year, according to the statistics supplied by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers.

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