Leaders of ruling coalition meet with public administration to discuss restructuring

Leaders of the ruling coalition on Friday will meet the representatives of the local public administration, to discuss the restructuring issue, Vice-President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Minister of the SME’s Constantin Nita, on Monday stated, after the meeting of the ruling coalition’s Central Coordinating Office.

He also said that the idea belonged to PSD Vice-President Liviu Dragnea, who asked for a meeting on the matter with the representatives of the municipalities and communes.

Many of the PSD leaders on Monday morning criticized the Prime Minister’s proposal to have the personnel in the public administration cut by 20 percent. The PM also asked the proposal to be discussed at the then upcoming meeting of the coalition’s leaders.

The Secretary General of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) Vasile Blaga stated that ‘nobody should impose conditions before the analysis is actually made’, with the coalition to discuss ‘the unnatural situation in Romania, with the power and the opposition making the Government together.’


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