SME minister is pleased with IMF talks

Minister for the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) Constantin Nita told a news conference that he was satisfied with the negotiations on the increase in the budget deficit, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Nita pointed out that the Social Democrats want the budget deficit growth to be conditioned on the rise in the investments in building houses and motorways.

‘I appreciate the flexibility IMF showed in re-negotiating the macroeconomic targets in the signed accord. We talked about the budget deficit, and how it would be financed.

We want the increase in the budget deficit should go to the rise of the investments in building dwellings and motorways,’ said Nita.

The SME minister explained he would continue endorsing the removal of the lump sum tax starting Sept 1.
‘We have also found alternatives such as the increase in the dues and fees in the mineral water and several building materials.

The lump sum tax can be levied during the economic growth period in order to curb the fiscal evasion or cut the red tape,’ the Social Democrat (PSD) minister stressed, adding that there is no risk that taxes and dues should grow during the downturn and the PSD does not agree with the idea of raising the flat tax rate or the VAT.


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