Talks focused on agencies’ streamlining

Talks between Premier Emil Boc and ministries’ representatives, at Victoria Palace (Govt. headquarters), concluded on Sunday and the decisions are to be made public at the end of next Wednesday’s Government meeting.
Debated topics referred to the draft Law on single pay for the public employees and governmental agencies restructuring.

The head of the Government debated agencies’ reforming on Friday with the Minister of Culture and Religious Cults, Teodor Paleologu, Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea, Minister for Regional Development and Housing Vasile Blaga, Minister for SMEs, Trade and Business Environment Constantin Nita.

On Saturday, the Premier has met representatives of six ministries: Communication, Health, Agriculture, National Defence, Youth and Sport, as well Transport. They forwarded the list of agencies going to be dismantled or merged.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister held talks with representatives of another seven ministries: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection, Ministry of Justice and Citizens Freedoms, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Administration and Interior.

As well, PM Emil Boc discussed with representatives of the the Ministry of Public Finance and of the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection the draft Law on single pay for the public employees.

The Executive debated in its last Wednesday meeting the agencies’ streamlining, establishing that some will be dismantled, others will be incorporated into the respective ministries’ structures, others will be merged and those set to further operate independently must cut wages or staff, depending on the specificity.

Emil Boc gave assurances that the Executive will take all necessary measures, to bring things „under control” and the pay to be a „decent” one, „in line with performances”.


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