Vasile Puscas hails EU agreement on gas

Minister for European Affairs Vasile Puscas hails the recent agreement that the European Commission signed with Ukraine, by which Kiew will start the monitoring of the network of storing, transport and distribution of gas, which demonstrates that the security of supply of energy continues to represent a priority for the European Union, said on Monday, a release sent by the Department for European Affairs.

The fact that the president of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and the community authorities convinced Ukraine that the manner by which one can advance in the problem of energy is the modernization of one’s own system, notably in order to achieve an efficient distribution is the modernization of one’s own system, is a positive thing.

I hope that this agreement will be to the benefit of the local consumers, of the European ones, and last but not least of the Romanians, said Vasile Puscas, according to the source.

The minister for European Affairs believes that the signed agreement has to be „an example of use of the negotiations, which have to have their say in front of the confrontations inevitably generating the crisis.”

It is exactly for that that minister Puscas underlines that it is important for the European Union to promote common policies in the field of energy, as well as coordinated positions of the member states.

In addition, the agreement with Ukraine demonstrates that the European Union can express itself in a single voice in the field of the foreign relations and it has the capacity to act constructively, in order to develop a favourable framework for the evolutions in its neighbourliness, as well as in the interest of the entire international system.

Urkaine represents a key element for the European energy security, and the position of Romania, as a country being at the eastern border of the European Union explains why Romania is interested in boosting the development of the policies of energy security, to the benefit of the Romanian citizens and the European consumers, ” minister Puscas stressed.

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