Bechtel finalizes biggest viaduct on Campia Turzii-Gilau section

The American company Bechtel, which builds the Transilvania Motorway, finalized the biggest viaduct on the 2B section (Campia Truzii-Gilau), according to a release of the company.

The viaduct is almost one km long (960 m) and 23 m high (equivalent to an eight-storey block of flats) and is situated on the Aries river, on the 2B section of the Transilvania Motorway.
192 U type beams, weighing 160 tonnes each, were necessary for building the viaduct.

The Bechtel company currently works on two stretches, that is Campia Turzii-Gilau (52 km) and Suplacu de Barcau-Bors (64 km).
In 2009 they should start work on another two stretches, namely Cluj-Mihailesti and Mihailesti-Suplacu de Barcau.

The Transilvania Motorway, a project that is divided into eight stretches, will be 415 km long, 55 km of which will be bridges and viaducts, 94 gangways, 58 flyovers over the motorway and 16 road junctions, the date when it is to be operational being 2013-2014.


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