Dacia plant enters technical overhaul for 28 days

Dacia carmaker plant and the industrial platform in Mioveni (southern Romania) entered technical overhaul for 28 days, over August 3-30, while the company stops production.

The 14,000 employees go on vacation and the departments of sales, maintenance and repairs are the single still operational.

‘Dacia undergoes overhaul works every year, generally in summer, and the period is previously scheduled and announced. This is the time when we verify and repair all the equipment, which, we think, it needs spare parts or overhaul works.

All the spare parts are ready to replace the damaged ones and all what we have to do are the required repair works,” said Automobile Dacia vice- president Nicolae Stroe.

The effects of this almost one-month production break will not be mirrored in the Company’s financial results, at the end of the year. ‘At present, Dacia owns a production stock ready to meet the exports demand, and moreover the sale department’s employees will continue their work in August,’ Stroe added.

The 14,000 workers to go on vacation in August will be paid their salaries, as the collective bargaining agreement reads, and vacation bonuses as well.
About 220,000 people currently work in car manufacturing and collateral activities, the Association of Romanian Carmakers and Importers (APIA) data say.

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