First lab for radiation release by cell phones

In Craiova, south-west of Bucharest, on Tuesday, inaugurated has been the first lab in Romania for the measuring of the radiation released by the cell phones.

The lab is part of a project made at the Institute for Research, Development and Tests for Electrical Engineering ICMET Craiova and is funded by the National Authority for Scientific Research.

Due to this project, any person wanting to know how dangerous the cell phone which he or she is using is for health can call or go to ICMET Craiova and, for a sum of money, the specialists will set the SAR, the specific absorption factor mentioning the quantity of energy of the radio waves released by a transmitter, to which the human body is exposed.

The maximum SAR limit is of 2,0 watt per kg.
Project manager prof. eng. Andrei Marinescu has said that the tests of this lab want to be not only a means of making people aware, but also a mechanism of supervision of the market of the cell phones.

„The purpose of this project is not only to make people get aware of the effects of the cell phones, it is also of creating a mechanism for the supervision of the market of cell phones.

People have to know that the moment they buy a cell phone, the specifications mention the level of radiation released by the device. They can verify this level at Craiova now,” Andrei Marinescu also said.

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