First lab in Romania to measure radiation emitted from mobile phones

Research-Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering – ICMET Craiova (south) has opened this week the first laboratory in Romania to determine the electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones upon the users.

„In the general context of concern over consequences of the electromagnetic pollution produced by mobile communication systems, of the unprecedented growth in the number of these terminals and uncontrolled use by children, as well as the base stations influence, recommendations and norms of limiting the human exposure to the electromagnetic fields were issued at international level and, not long ago, at national one”, says an ICMET Craiova release, quoted by Ziarul financiar.

The lab is to also evaluate and validate conformity to the valid European and international standards of sold products, including the second-hand ones. The exposure standard for mobile phones uses a measurement unit known as SAR – Specific Absorption Rate.

SAR assesses the extent in which the energy released by the radio waves (popular radiation) is absorbed by the human body exposed to the electromagnetic field emitted from the mobile phone.

The International Commission on Non- Ionizing Radiation Protection established the exposure limits for the users’ head and trunk at 2 W/kg and for members at 4 W/kg, reminded the quoted paper.

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