Geoana: There is a temptation to stir public and private sector employees against each other

Leader of the Social Democratic Party (P SD) Mircea Geoana said in a press conference on Tuesday in Sibiu that there was a temptation to stir the public and private sector employees against each other.

‘I want to comment on this temptation to sow the seeds of discord between the state employees and the staff working in the private sector. Iťs no secret that the Romanian public sector is overcrowded. It is obvious there is too much bureaucracy and often inefficiency.

There is also a waste of resources. But I believe we are wrong if we try to start a new war within the society, similar to the one attempted in the past years between the elderly and the youth, between peasants and intellectuals, between the public and private employees,” Geoana said.

He highlighted that those who did their job honestly were entitled to state aid and stated that each job saved at this difficult time was a real victory.

„From Sibiu we are sending out a more optimistic message regarding the prospects for economic recovery sometimes next year, but also an alert signal for the possibility of having to go through a difficult period this autumn.

It is only up to us, as society, as economic environment, as Govt, as Parliament, as political party, either in power or in opposition, to go through this tough period, with a slight hope for the better by 2010,” Geoana explained.


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