Hidroelectrica plans building three new power-generation units

Romanian power producer Hidroelectrica will build two hydropower plants at Dumitra and Bumbea, plus a micro-hydropower plant at Livezeni, all three capacities located in the country south.

They will produce an aggregate of 460 Gwatt-hour per year, informs a company release.
One of the objectives of the broader-scale works is the harnessing of the Jiu River between Bumbesti and Livezeni, a project that also includes the construction of three aforementioned units (the two hydropower plants and the micro-hydropower plant).

The total installed capacity will be 52 Megawatts. The breakthrough between the Livezeni (downstream) and Murga (upstream) excavation front lines in the underground shaft is scheduled for Wednesday.

The intake segment is 3,835 meters long and has a 3.8 meters in diameter. The breakthrough is necessary to complete underground works at the Dumitra hydro power plant.

The technical project was worked out by SC ISCE SA, and the technical and economic indicators of the investment were approved under Government Resolution back in 2003. The contractor of the works is Romelectro Bucharest.
The commissioning of these capacities will significantly contribute to increasing the safety of the national energy system.

The state-of-the-art command and control equipment that fits out these power plants will help increase the quality of the electricity supplied into the national power grid, said the cited source.

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