INS: Average net wage – 1.379 lei in June

The average gross nominal wage in June 2009 stood at 1,887 lei (some 449 euros), that is a growth by 1.7 percent compared with the previous month’s figure, with the average net nominal wage having stood at 1,379 lei (some 328 euros), representing growth by 23 lei (1.7 percent) on the previous month, according to data released on Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

The highest values of the average net nominal wage were recorded in the financial brokerage sector (except for the insurance and pension funds sectors) (3,935 lei, that is some 937 euros), with the smallest having been recorded in hotels and restaurants (777 lei, that is some 185 euros).

The real wage index for June 2009 compared with the previous months, calculated based on the net nominal wage index and the consumption price index, stood at 101.5 percent.

The real wage index stood at 125.2 percent compared with the figure in October 1990, a growth by 1.9 percent on the value in May 2009.
According to the INS, the drops in the average net wage in June 2009 compared with the previous month were caused by the money being provided from the net profit of the previous month, as well as by the smaller production.

Compared with June 2008, the average net nominal wage increased by 8.3 percent. The real wage index increased by 2.3 percent compared with the same interval a year before.

The monthly data provided by the INS related to the wage value and the number of employees was obtained following a selective statistic research.
The sample for the statistic research included 24,000 economic-social units.
The units in the budget sector (public administration, education, health and social assistance) were exhaustively included in research.

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