Minister of Development, discontent with modification of criteria of selection for Measure 322

Minister of Regional Development and Housing Vasile Blaga said, on Tuesday, at a press conference, he is discontent with the change of the criteria of selection of the projects for Measure 322, „Renovation and development of the villages”.
This happened only one day before the deadline for submitting the projects.

„What I have heard to be very serious is that the rule was changed during the game. Just one day before, when projects could have been submitted, it was July 31, I understood that changed were the indicators setting the degree of poverty, which is very serious, and I will talk about this with the prime minister.

It is not fair that the mayors spend very much money for projects, and, on the other hand, it is not fair o put them at a disadvantage the last moment. We will talk about that with minister Sarbu (minister of agriculture, e.n.), and with the relevant management authority.

Late on Monday I learnt about that and I told that to the prime minister, because it is not fair to change the rule of the game on the last day,” Vasile Blaga said.

The minister talked about the fact that only ten hours before the deadline for the submission of the projects at the county offices, minister Sarbu issued a minister order, order 510, modifying the criteria of selection.

This order replaces an appendix including all the big villages of Romania, with some synthetic indicators, among them the degree of poverty, it modified in this way the number of points, setting the degree of poverty of each locality. Minister Blaga said he already had a first talk with the prime minister on this topic.


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