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New railway transport company

The Ministry of Transports intends to set up a new transport company in September, which will work in railway tourism, daily Financiarul ( quotes Undersecretary of State with the above-mentioned ministry Constantin Axinia as saying.

„Compact sleeping cars will be introduced. There will be a railway transport company using only sleeping and dining cars, which will connect the main cities in Romania, for example Timisoara [western Romania] to Bucharest, Constanta [south-eastern Romania] to Iasi [eastern Romania], Iasi to Cluj [central Romania],” said Axinia.

CFR Calatori, which is in the portfolio of the Romanian State through the agency of the Ministry of Transport, is currently the main domestic railway operator for passenger transport. But the company is one of the less profitable companies of the state, as it has losses and debts amounting to tens of millions of euros.

Last year the business of CFR Calatori was 500 million euros, but in 2009 they expect half of it against the background of giving up certain routes and the drop in the number of passengers.

Romania has 10,883 km of double track railway, of which more than 3,000 km is electrified network. The line in use is 20,533 km long, of which 13,778 are current lines and 6,775 are secondary lines.

Of the total length of the railway almost 18,000 km are classified as public infrastructure, 2,965 km make up the private infrastructure that does not inter-operate.

There are about 179 tunnels, 75 bridges and foot bridges, 143 km long in all, most of them being 80-150 years old. The railway is divided into 998 railway points, 459 stations and 535 wayside stations with about 27,637 switches.


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