Sixt New Kopel becomes sole importer for Chery Automobile

The Sixt New Kopel company signed a partnership with the Chinese carmaker Chery Automobile, by which it becomes the sole importer in Romania of all the Chery car makes, reads a release of the Sixt company.
The distribution will start when the cars get the homologation certificate in keeping with the norms of the European Union.

„Chery was not the only company we considered but, after much effort and market research, it turned out to be the best solution in the end,” said Dudy Perry, managing director of Sixt New Kopel Romania.

The only company on the Romanian market offering simultaneously operational leasing and rent-a-car services, Sixt New Kopel joined the local market in 2005.

In Romania Sixt New Kopel is to be found in Bucharest, Iasi, Bacau (both in eastern Romania), Constanta (south-eastern Romania), Timisoara (western Romania), Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu and Brasov (all of them in central Romania).

Concentrating on the development of the operational leasing and rent-a-car services locally, Sixt new Kopel doubled its investment budget in late 2008.
The operational leasing division of Sixt New Kopel ended the year 2008 with contracts amounting to a total value of more than 80 million euros.

In keeping with the evolution of the Romanian operational leasing market, Sixt New Kopel estimates that in 2009 it will have a similar evolution at least.

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