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Winkler accuses Government of incompetence and coalition of political impotence

The Government of Romania does not have an anticrisis plan and does not know to use the advantage of a parliamentary support apt to be turned into political stability, said, on Tuesday, in Deva, MEP Iuliu Winkler, from the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR).

„We are faced with a government which does not have solutions to the real problems of Romania (…).

7 months after the elections, we do not have an anticrisis plan and that is because of an incompetent government. It is in vain that this government has a parliamentary support of 73 percent, because it was not able to convert into stability this majority which it enjoys and which has not been achieved since the nineties.

We can also speak of the impotence of the coalition, of a failure it had (…). The politicians continue to show an extraordinary hunger for the TV presence and less for performance,” said Iuliu Winkler, at a press conference held at the headquarters of UDMR.

The MEP mentioned that UDMR will finalize, in two weeks, at most, a programme with coherent measures aimed at diminishing the effects of the economic recession in Romania.

„UDMR is making a constructive, critical opposition, but it also gives solutions. At the level of UDMR, a working group has been made, I am part of, and which is drawing up a programme with active measures of boosting the economy and which are aimed at combating the effects of the economic recession,” Winkler said.

The programme will include active measures of boosting the economy, among them worthy of note are those in support of SMEs, of the exporters, the capitalization of CEC savings bank and of Eximbank, the modification of the fiscal code by the elimination of the minimum taxation.

Winkler has shown that the measures in the anticrisis programme of UDMR will be part of the message which the candidate of UDMR to the Presidency of Romania, Kelemen Hunor, will send to the voters.

The MEP is of the opinion that between the two ballots of the presidential elections decided will be the new Government, and the UDMR will support one of the two candidates, function of the negotiations to be held on the basis of the anticrisis programme drawn up by the specialists of UDMR.


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