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42 pc estimated business growth on Baneasa Airport this year

Very good financial results in the first half of the year for Baneasa Airport made the state-owned company officials to up their 2009 estimations, namely from an initial full-year 85 million lei (20 million euros) – a 25 percent growth compared to 2008 – to a higher target, of 110 million lei (26 million euros), meaning a 42 percent growth, Business Standard daily reports.

At the end of the first six months of the year, Aurel Vlaicu International Airport (Baneasa), the base for the low-cost flights, announced an advance of 53 percent in turnover, to 43.7 million lei (10.4 million euros), compared to the first half of 2008, when business stood at 28.55 million lei (7.9 million euros).

Aurel Vlaicu International Airport has to recoup some overdue debt of 1.8 million euros from low-cost operators Sky Europe and My Air.

„Sky Europe has backward payments of approx. 500,000 euros and My Air overdue payments are up to 1.3 million euros. Because the first one has filed for bankruptcy procedures, we are to start credit recovering procedures through a law house.

We hope to recover the entire amount”, George Mihalcea, director general of Baneasa Airport, was quoted as saying by Business Standard.

In the first half of the year, approx. 26 percent more passengers were in transit through this airport as against the corresponding period last year and the company officials noted that the traffic is usually up 15-20 percent in the summer.
In 2008, Baneasa Airport registered 1.724 million passengers, and in the first half of the year almost 936 thousand passengers.


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