Arad-Timisoara motorway to cost 135 million euros

The costs of the works to the motorway section linking Arad from Timisoara, western Romania, is, according to officials from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI), of 135 million euros, without VAT.

„According to evaluations made by specialists from the MTI, the 32.2 km of the motorway sector linking Arad to Timisoara will cost 135 million euros, without VAT, so that the official price of one km of motorway will be of 4.2 million euros, without VAT, a price including also the achievement of a space of services, such as parking and public toilets, where an auction will be held also for fuel spaces.

The price will include the motorway hub at km 44 and the maintenance center of the motorway, for intervention equipment at km 31. For both of them operation auctions will be held,” said on Wednesday, Eusebiu Pistu, secretary of state at MTI.

According to him, the cost of a km of motorway made in Romania, which should cost, on the average between three and eight million euros, has doubled or even tripled compared with the price initially set, so that the price now set for the motorway linking Arad with Timisoara could be raised while the works are being carried out.

The works to the sector linking Arad with Timisoara have officially started on July 31, from Sag village, which is part of Cruceni, to the municipality of Arad, the crossroads with DN 69, and from Ortisoara to Timisoara, with the sector between Cruceni and Ortisoara having to be attacked subsequently.
The deadline for the works is the year 2011.


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