BET-C advances 1.47pc

Shares traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) on Tuesday appreciated 1.47 percent, on the average, as reflected by the developments in the BET-C composite index, while shares in the financial investment companies (SIFs) went up 2.04 percent, as reflected by the BEET-FI index.

Trade on the BVB -Regular main ring was conducted in 57 stocks, 36 of which appreciated, 9 stagnated and 12 depreciated.

Total trade on the BVB stood at RON 18.895 million (4.485 million euros), while on the RASDAQ over-the-counter market it reached 424,318 euros.

The BET index reflecting the developments in the 10 most liquid stocks rose 0.40 percent, while the ROTX index appreciated 1.22 percent.

The BET-XT extended blue chips index indicating the developments in the 25 most liquid companies went up 0.93 percent, while the BET-NG index of energy companies and utilities advanced 0.58 percent.

The most liquid stocks were SIF5 Oltenia (RON 2.949 million worth of trade); SIF2 Moldova (RON 1.632 million); Banca Transilvania (RON 1.611 million); Flamingo (RON 1.28 million), and Azomures (RON 1.049 million).

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