New orders in industry increase on previous month’s figure

New orders in the Romanian industry maintained the upward trend in the latest months, with an increase having been recorded in June of 4.9 percent on May, according to data released by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

By large industrial groups, all the sectors recorded growth in May, as following: the capital goods industry – an increase by ±10.2 percent, the consumption goods industry – an increase by ±8.6 percent, the durable goods industry – an increase by ±0.3 percent.

Nevertheless, in the intermediary goods industry, new orders in industry dropped by 3.6 percent.

Compared with the same month a year before, new orders in industry in June 2009 saw an overall drop by 16.2 percent, because of the drops recorded in the intermediary goods industry (-40.4 percent), durable goods industry (-20.6 percent) and consumption goods industry (-10.3 percent). The capital goods industry saw an increase by 10.6 percent.

Taking as reference interval the first half of 2009, compared with the the same interval in 2008, there was seen a drop in new orders in industry by 21.1 percent.

The upward trend continued in the latest few months. According to the INS, in May 2009, new orders in industry increased in nominal terms by 6.7 percent against the previous month, on both the domestic and the foreign market.

The evolution in new orders in the Romanian industry in May recorded the lowest drop value in EU, with the most significant drops having been recorded in Estonia (39.8 percent), Finland (39.6 percent) and Lithuania (38.5 percent).


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