Romania to export ever more cars

The opening of the Ford plant in Craiova (southern Romania), in September, and Dacia car maker’s orientation to exports will increase the weight of the local car industry from 18 percent of Romania’s exports, at present, to 30 percent, after 2012, the Ziarul financiar daily informs.

During the first four months of the year, the exports of car sub-assemblies, parts and accessories stood at a little over 1 billion euros, while the car exports was worth 468.5 million euros, the National Statistics Institute (INS) data say.

Compared to the same time span last year, the car exports grew by 66 percent and that of parts dropped by almost 40 percent, the newspaper reads on, quoting the Association of Carmaker of Romanian (ACAROM) officials as saying.

Statistics for this period, lead, taking into account that the exports totaled 8.73 billion euros, to 12 percent of Romania’s exports for sub-assemblies, parts and accessories and 5.4 percent for cars, meaning 17.4 percent in all, ACAROM president Constantin Stroe said.

‘I personally expect Dacia to export about 230-235,000 light vehicles, out of which 215- 220,000 cars, in 2009. The remainder of round 15,000 units will be utility vehicles. The figures do not include the CKD collections,’ Stroe pointed out.

Automobile Dacia carmaker’s exports currently go to about 70 countries. Its international distribution and service network is common with that of Renault, in most areas.

On the other hand, the CKD Logan collections Romania exports to the eight world production sites where Logan cars are assembled, will continue to grow.

About 90 percent of Ford’s production in Craiova-based plant will be exported to the European markets, which according to the Ziarul financiar’s assessment, is to represent 3.6 billion euros and 10 percent of Romania’s exports, in 2012.

In full production, the US carmaker might earn over 4 billion euros in Romania, representing 2.5 percent of the country’s GDP, in 2012. Comparatively, the turnover Renault earned in Romania amounted to 2.8 billion euros, in 2008, the abovementioned daily reads.


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