Tarnita – Lapustesti hydroplant announces investment worth 1 billion euros

The President of the Cluj County Council (western Romania) Alin Tise has issued a certificate of urbanism for the Tarnita-Lapustesti hydroelectic pumped-storage plant on the Somesul Cald River in Cluj County, Romania, with the document including a series of very strict measures to be taken for environment protection.

Alin Tise stated that the certificate of urbanism stipulates the beneficiary will have the obligation to attenuate the impact on the environment by building green curtains for protection, both to get the slopes stabilized and to reduce the visual impact.

‘After the completion of these works, SC Hidrole lectrica SA, via the Cluj Hydroelectric plant, is going to make all the necessary steps to restore the land for agriculture or forests again and to rebuild the area’s natural balance,’ Tise said.

The President of the Cluj County Council also specified all works must observe severe conditions imposed through the authorizations from the environment authorities and the Romanian Waters National Company.

The total surface of land to be affected by this project will measure 1.5 million sq m.

The Tarnita – Lapustesti hydroelectric plant has a capacity of 500 MW and it is necessary to rebalance the national energy system after the switching on of the Reactors 3 and 4 at the Cernavoda Plant and of some wind power plants, each with a capacity of 2,000 MW.

The investment in the Tarnita-Lapustesti hydroelectric plant will reach some 1 billion euros.
‘This is like an investment of national interest, with the beneficiaries to be the local communities in the region, in the Cluj County, and in the entire northwestern Romania,’ said Tise.


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