Tax collecting authority intends to check large wealth

National Agency of Tax Administration (ANAF) wants to have more power in order to be able to check the wealth, justified by an economic activity or not, owned by the persons having very much money, but also their expenses, reads daily Gandul.

„We, as a tax collecting authority, must be very clearly aware of the income of a very rich person but also the level of expenses.

We shall have to reconsider a little the declaration of the tax on the global income in order to be able to quantify the income of these very rich persons,” said Sorin Blejnar, ANAF president, in an exclusive interview to Gandul newspaper.

If the draft proposed by the tax collecting authority gets the consent of the members of the Boc Cabinet, the new obligation might be put into practice for the income obtained in 2010. No sooner, as „one cannot change the rules of the game while dancing,” he explains.

Now the lack of a legal framework does not allow the Agency to take ex-officio action following the articles on this subject.

„It is clear that Romania needs firm measures both as regards regulations and as regards management, that is the implementation of the law. But one must take care that such regulations should not lead to witch hunts,” Gabriel Biris, a lawyer specialized in tax collecting, told Gandul daily.

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