Transactions of 122 mln euros on Gecad ePayment platform

A number of 1.5 million transactions, in the value of approx. 122 million euros, were registered on ePayment platform in 2004 and up to now, Gecad ePayment company informs in a release.

The eCommerce solutions integrator recorded an average growth pace of approx. 400 percent since the first online transaction through a banking card was processed by the ePayment platform in 2004.

„This growth is both due to the development of the Romanian electronic commerce, as well as to the steady investments in the development and upgrading of the ePayment platform, of client support services and of the anti-fraud system”, says the release.

On medium and long-term, the company strategy is aimed at completion of the processing offer with a series of auxiliary services, less used in Romania, as well as a series of moves focused on promoting the eCommerce among the customers, from a better information about what online buying means till the development of integrated services aimed at facilitating the customers’ experience and the online payment.

„In Romania, the e-Commerce is still in inception and the growth pace is further specific to a new industry.

When the time will pass, the range of products and services available on Internet will diversify, the number of customers will grow, and the need for services aimed at sustaining the stores online growth, on one hand and to help the customers in the acquisition process, on the other, will become more stringent.

This is the phase we are targeting now”, said Carmen Sebe, Gecad e-Payment general manager.
Gecad e-Payment is an e-Commerce solution integrator, leader on the Romanian market of online payment systems.

The company is in ongoing development and holds at present three own solutions – e-Payment, Avangate and ARMS. e-Payment is exclusively dedicated to the domestic market, to all corporate entities running online commercial businesses, and Avangate and ARMS are addressed both to the domestic market and the international one of software electronic distribution.

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