Two thirds of Romanians did not use Internet in 2008 (EC report)

Almost two thirds (64 percent) of the Romanians never used Internet in 2008, Romania ranking the last among the EU countries, in the matter, reads the report on digital competitiveness that the EU Commission made public on Tuesday, EurActiv informs.

The report also points out that the companies’ use of public e-acquisitions goes higher than the European average although the percentage of the companies that make use of the e-governing services is lower than the EU average.

Only 26 percent of the Romanians regularly (at least once a week) used Internet, and only 15 percent were frequent users, namely used Internet daily, or almost, in 2008.

Nevertheless, the report says that the percentage of the Romanians who do not use Internet dwindled, after 74 and 69 percent of Romania’s population had never used the Internet services in 2006 and in 2007 respectively.
Romania ranks the last also in terms of using the e-governing services.

Brussels, however, emphasizes that the development of the e-Procurement systems have kept a positive pace and the number of the extended electronic public acquisitions system (SEAP at grew from beneath 2 to over 12 percent and mentions the Government’s initiative to launch the e-Romania portal aimed at cutting the administrative costs by 30-70 percent, by end-2009.


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