Blue Air to pass on profit this year

Low-cost air operator Blue Air reported a turnover of 56 million euros in the first half of the year, higher by almost 17.6 percent from the same period last year, but with revenues on a par with spending, Ziarul financiar informs.

The air operator, with a 540,000 passengers in H1, recorded a 27 percent growth from the similar period the previous year, as a result of the new introduced destinations and had an occupancy degree of 75 percent.

Total company capacity is up to 1,500 seats, compared to 1,000 in H1 last year, at present having a nine-aircraft fleet as against just six in H1 last year.

„To attain the profitability ceiling we must fly with almost 1,300 seats sold”, said Adrian Ionascu, general manager of the company, quoted by ZF.

In the upcoming four years, the air company fleet is to be enlarged with five new planes, the acquisition contract for the Boeing Next General model being signed last year still.

More than that, the company is in ongoing negotiations with Boeing Co. for the acquisition of another 10 planes, an investment exceeding one billion dollars, at catalogue value.

Blue air estimates this year a number of 1.7 million passengers, 54 percent up from the previous year.

„We can say that this year was a good one for Blue Air. If last year we operated 31 destinations, this year their number reached at 49, and the seat occupancy degree is 75 percent”, said Ionascu, quoted by the newspaper.

Despite that, Blue Air was affected by the decline on the tourism market, leading to the cancellation of 40 percent of the charter flights. If last year Blue Air had 22 charter flights per week, this year the company operates just 13 charter flights per week to destinations in Spain, Greece, Turkey or Italy.


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