Emil Boc: Public sector streamlining in line with cost standard principle

Cost standards is the basic principle for the public sector restructuring and ministers must present next week their projects to this end, in fields as public administration, social security, health care, pre-university education, announced Premier Emil Boc.
„We have established that the cost standards must be the main criteria at the basis of our public sector restructuring.

The ministries have one-month deadline in order to present the Government their vision on the cost standards on the following components: public administration, social security, health care, pre-university education.

We will know exactly how much the state has to pay and the pay will be equal, irrespective the location in the country, for the management of these important fields”, underlined Boc.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the respective ministers have to present next Wednesday a timetable elaboration of the cost standards within the 30-day established deadline.

In this context, Premier Emil Boc reiterated the Government’s determination to implement the structural reforms and to continue those started in the budgetary sector.

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