Government to decide fate of minimum taxation after experts evaluate its impact

PM Emil Boc said, on Thursday, that the government will make a decision as regards the minimum tax, after the experts say what its impact is.

„Now, an evaluation is made of the first tranche of minimum tax. It seems that the receipts are even higher than it has been foreseen, and we will decide its fate after the experts tell us exactly what its impact is and to what extent it can be applied,” the prime minister told the public radio.

Boc mentioned that the minimum tax has had a good effect because it has reduced the number of the bogus companies, obliging them to decide if they keep their activity or not.

In the context, the head of government underlined that there were very many companies that existed in the market only for dubious business.

„At the same time, I believe that for 2010, we have to think more of the lump-sum tax, of its application, for those fields and activities where it is justified and where fiscal evasion cannot be removed,” Boc said.

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