PM Boc: 107 of 226 agencies to be kept, 100 mln euros to be saved

The Government decided in its meeting on Wednesday to cut the governmental agencies to 107 from 226, with this restructuring to save the state budget 100 million euros, Prime Minister Emil Boc announced.

‘There are 226 agencies, authorities, administrations, centres, companies, inspectorates, institutes, laboratories, offices and autonomous companies that are responsible to the Government.

Of the 226 we analysed in detail with the ministers during the last two weeks, it resulted that after dismantling, merger or take over by various ministry structures, just 107 are kept; 33 are mandatory in the relations Romania has with the European Union’, Boc explained.

As many as 9,200 positions will be cut by the restructuring – a move that will save roughly 50 million euros.

Thus, all the finances of a governmental agency will be disbursed to the state budget and each employee will be paid a wage similar to the payment in the other governmental structures, he stressed.

Some 100 million euros will be saved when the state budget takes over the revenues of such governmental agencies, Boc added.
The prime minister announced that another 60 commercial companies responsible to the Economy Ministry and the Transport Ministry are undergoing examination.

‘In conclusion, we have decided that in the upcoming period, based on the decision made by the Government today, the relevant ministries draft the normative acts on dismantling, merger or other such moves either as governmental resolutions or draft laws, to be then put forward to the Government or Parliament for approval’, Boc said.

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