PM calls for thorough evaluation of fiscal evasion

PM Emil Boc called on the head of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) to make a thorough evaluation of the fiscal evasion and of the ways to fight it.

„On August 11 we will analyse in a interministerial committee all these proposals aimed at curbing fiscal evasion, because there is nothing more unfair for Romanians than paying taxes that don’t go to the right place.
Romania does not need to increase its taxes. It needs an improved tax collection system and financial discipline.

We have received many signals that fiscal evasion is a common thing and that there are people who defy the law to the disadvantage of those who are being fair,” Emil Boc told the public radio station on Thursday.

The PM said he was determined to take these measures to combat and diminish fiscal evasion and to prove that all Romanians are equal before the taxes and their obligations towards the state.

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