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Primary energy resources dwindle by 19.9 pct

The primary energy resources have dwindled by 19.9 percent in the first half of 2009, in Romania, compared with the same interval a year before, with the electric power resources having reduced, in the same reference interval, by 11.6 percent, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS), as specifying in a release.

The main resources of primary energy totaled 16503.8 thousand tonnes of oil equivalent January through June in 2009, that is a drop by 4105.3 thousands tonnes.

According to the INS, the drop in the volume of primary energy resources was mainly caused by the fall in the imports, accounting for 80 percent of the drop figure.

In the first half of 2009, the resources of net coal from the domestic production represented 85.4 percent compared with the same interval a year before, while the import coal accounted only for 29.3 percent of the coal from imports in the same interval.

The total resources of crude reached 88.4 percent of the available resources in the first six months of 2008, with the domestic production standing at 95.3 percent in the first half of 2009 against the same interval in 2008, while imports represented only 84.8 percent of the value in the first half of 2008.

The electric power resources stood at 29412.7 million kWh in H1, 2009, that is a drop by 3860.8 million kWh (-11.6 percent) compared with the corresponding interval in 2008.

The drop in the electric power resources was mainly caused by the 3885.0 million kWh (-11.8 percent) drop in the production.
The production of the thermal plants dwindled by 3137.0 million kWh (-17.6 percent).

The hydroelectric plants saw a drop in production by 12777.4 million kWh (-12.9 percent), with the drop in the production of the nuclear-electric plants having increased by 529.4 million kWh (+10.3 percent).

The final consumption of electric power in the first half of 2009 stood at 24191.9 million kWh, that is a drop by 9.1 percent on the first half in 2008; the public lightening recorded a growth by 9.8 percent, with the population’s consumption having increased by 8 percent.

It results thus that the drop in the consumption (and implicitly in the production) of electric power was the result of the drop in the overall economic consumption, due to the contraction of the economy as an effect of the economic downturn.
The export of electric power dropped in the first quarter of 2008 by 837.5 million kWh, and by 29.9 percent respectively.


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