Prime minister wants assumption of responsibility for single pay law, pensions and Education

Prime minister Emil Boc said on Thursday, on the public radio, that his intention is that the government assumes responsibility in front of Parliament for the law of the single pay in the budget system, for the law of the reform of the pension system, for the law on Education, there is no other efficient way of rapid adoption, which is efficient, the only way is to go to Parliament,” said the prime minister.

He said that he will go to the end with these reforms and he will press „all the necessary buttons”, for these laws to be adopted at the said deadlines.

„I do not think to remain head of a government that will take to the end these reforms, as it committed itself to do, at the deadlines we set, by any political cost. Saying nothing of the fact that this year is an electoral year,” Boc said.

He mentioned that the Constitution does not include a limit in point of number as regards the assuming of the responsibility of the Government for bills.
„In the parliamentary debate, it is sure that counterarguments will be found, let’s say why it is not good for these laws to be drawn up, why it is well to continue to have special laws for some categories in Romania.

There will be lawyers, there will be people ready to defend various groups of interests, various interests.
That is why I am ready to go and say: everything or nothing, either the laws are adopted, or we go home”, and then the Romanians have to know and think of other rulers apt to better represent their interests.

I am determined to go in this direction,” the prime minister said.
According to Emil Boc, the Government has as a deadline the month of October for the finalization of the single pay law of the budget staff, which is part of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Commission.

„I have said that we do not require and I don’t want to postpone this deadline, moreover, the IMF has shown its readiness to postpone the deadline, but I have said ‘no’, this law has to be adopted at the set deadline.

I have asked the relevant ministries to do that, I have called for Saturday, 10:00 AM, local, a government meeting, both for the single pay law and for the law of the single pension system, to be sure that we will have the single pay law in Oct, and the pension system law this autumn, as we have set, ” said Boc.

He added that he required that these laws be drawn up in line with the interest of all Romanians. „Any attempt to create privileges, to make privileged categories will only deepen the distrust of people in politicians…

That is why, we have to take care when salaries and the special pensions are at stake that all the people be treated equally. For that, we need indeed the political will, I have it, I hope that our partners from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) have the same political will, otherwise, this government is no longer justified,” Boc also said.

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